Raasay Community Art Project

Community Art Project

In 2016 some of the Crafters joined with the children of Bun Sgoil Ratharsair (Raasay Primary School) working to produce a Community Art Project. They produced a stylised map of Raasay with individual items representing places on the island.

Art ProjectThe Art work also has the crest of the MacLeods of Rassay worked in cross stitch on a specially woven tartan background and a piece of the new Isle of Raasay Tartan. The large Art work can be seen hanging in the stair well of theVillage Hall. At the bottom of the stairs is a bookshelf with a wide range of books donated by members of the community. They are there for you to read or to take away. If you would like to take a book, please either replace it with one of your own or put a donation into the box which sits on top of the bookshelf. All of those donations go towards the considerable up-keep of the hall and they are very gratefully received. Thank you!